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Wildling gives the gift of freedom - what the #wildfoxpedition is all about and who's behind it

Life is too short for “at some point”! And let's get rid of all the “buts” too. It’s time for a European tour with Wildling - discovering cities and countries, wandering around trade fairs, dancing at festivals, finding new homes in shops for pack members, and experiencing all those adventures you just can’t plan for.

Last year we started looking for a team to go with Wildling on a tour around Europe.

Who’s on board - Yannic and Luca from Vienna

After a casting call at the end of 2018, applications started flooding into the fox’s den. We got to read or watch all the passionate letters and videos from wild-hearted people. In the end a brilliant, likeable and clever presentation led us to choose Yannic and Luca. Even in their covering letter they took us with them on their journey:      

“When we saw what you were looking for we could hardly believe it. Everything - and we really mean everything - seemed to fit like a glove. It felt as if a search that started years ago had finally been successful. But to explain that I need to go back a bit and start by telling you a few things about us.

It was actually about four years ago that our great love of travelling began. Luca and I were sitting in the kitchen in our little apartment in Vienna, putting the world to rights as we often did. At some point the conversation turned to the future and our plans for it. Questions such as “What about children?” and “Do you want to get married at some point?” were followed by “Where do you actually want to live?” We quickly agreed that Austria might perhaps be a possibility as somewhere to settle in the long term, but that before that we wanted to see as much of the world as possible. From when we were very young the thought of having one true home seemed slightly strange. Like nothing else, travel quenches our thirst for the unknown, our desire to discover and explore. There’s nothing better than the feeling of looking forward to a big trip and then, after much anticipation, finally getting into the car and setting off. We started taking one trip after another. A road trip through the California desert was followed by a “down south” tour along the coast of Italy, Monaco and France. Each of our little tours was tailored to the budget available to us as young men having just flown the nest, but in spite of that we made sure we spent every free minute reaching for the sun.

The call of the sea

Short trips to Croatia quenched our thirst for the sea, and even short one-day trips through Austria helped us keep the travel bug at bay. Mountain climbing followed climbing tours. Last year we were then considerably busier with work, so we didn't get to travel as much. The urge to travel kept growing, until we gave notice on our apartment and took off into uncertainty. We spent the last couple of months first in Greece and then in Israel. After that we were planning to head to India, but then we had to go back to Austria unexpectedly and put our immediate travel ideas and plans on hold. So imagine how happy we were to see your ad! It seemed like the end of a search, a way to hit the road again in pursuit of a noble goal, with a brand that fits with who we are and values we can back 100%.”

With their application they sent us photos of themselves climbing, running through the forest and doing handstands on the beach.

So yes, we’re convinced that we’ve found the right travel team for our mission to “pack freedom into a pair of shoes”! Let us introduce in more detail the pair who’ll be taking you on their adventures via Instagram:

Thanks, Mum!

Both Yannic and Luca had a childhood with lots of action. They both grew up on farms and had lots of time to explore the surrounding forests and meadows. There’s hardly a sport that they haven't tried, whether climbing, yoga, natural horsemanship or skateboarding. They met at secondary school and became fast friends.

Yannic’s mother has been a Wildling fan for some time, and a regular reader of the Fox’s newsletters. She saw the #wildfoxexpedition ad and told her son about it. He was very excited. Working and travelling? Even better: Working while travelling!

Yannic was already familiar with the shoes, too. Since he and his mother both wear size 41, he kept one of the pairs from her order for himself.

When he told his friend Luca about the casting call he, too, was full of enthusiasm. The application was put together in a flash, as the pair already had experience both behind and in front of the camera. They really rocked the first few days on the Wildfoxpedition Instagram account, and have handled the Berlin Travel Festival and initial TV interviews with aplomb.

Appreciation of small details

When you listen to the two of them or watch them jumping through hoops on camera, it's clear how they manage to communicate the Wildling feeling. The two have an almost child-like joy and appreciation of the little things in life, for details that others overlook or no longer notice. Yannic usually sees the positive in things (and also likes to jump around the place even when he’s not in front of a camera). Luca has kept hold of the openness and lack of prejudice with which he goes through the world.

Barefoot from Paris to Innsbruck

The #wildfoxpedition is not the first longer tour for the pair. Yannic’s also been on wild travels by himself. During a hike from Paris to Innsbruck he walked most of the route with bare feet, because the hiking boots that had been so highly praised in the shop gave him blisters instead of a good walking feeling.

Respect for the environment

They also like the sustainability aspect of the Wildling philosophy. Luca would like to see our planet and everything that lives on it being treated with respect. Yannic, too, feels that we've only borrowed this planet from the generations to come, and that we have to develop a much greater awareness of being responsible for the consequences of our actions.  

The climate-neutral #wildfoxpedition vehicle

It would of course be fitting if Yannic and Luca were to tour Europe on foot. But as we want Wildling to become more well-known all over Europe and want to use the warm months for that, we need to cover greater distances. So we thought about who'd be able to transport the Wildling feeling on four wheels. A means of transport belonging to Wildling? A rental vehicle? After lots of wild research in the team, we decided to go with the CamperBoys.

The camper van rental service, in business since 2016 and with its own VW fleet at Munich airport, offers climate neutrality. The two founders, Andreas and Paul, calculate the CO2 emissions produced by their vehicles and balance them out using aclimate protection programme by Climatepartner.

In this way they support reforestation and the preservation of forest areas in the Amazon, as well as promoting social and fair local working conditions.

The CamperBoys’ vans are all fully equipped with the large and small items that you need on your travels. And so that “our” vehicle is recognisable everywhere, the Fox is going to be very visible:

Have a good trip!

The #wildfoxpedition got off to a great start last weekend at the Berlin Travel Festival. Wildling founder Anna presented the founding of the Wildling company as a “journey”. Yannic and Luca delighted the public at the Wildling stand, advising them as if they'd never done anything else.

Now they’re busy packing their bags in Vienna before setting off...

Come along on this extraordinary trip, joining Yannic and Luca at their stops throughout Europe and finding out about their adventures on Instagram and here on the blog! There are exciting stops coming up. Who’ll be the first to spot the camper van with the fox?

Run wild! Anna, Ran & Team Wildling


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