The Wild Weasel

Springtime awakening. Sunrise. Early-morning dew glistens in the meadow, and the first buds are sprouting, reaching cheerfully for the sunbeams.

A rustling, crackling sound draws your eye to the undergrowth. A mouse? No, it's bigger than that. In the dawn light it's hard to tell, but a weasel pokes its little snout through the leaves - is there some prey there waiting for the little gourmet?

It shakes the drops of dew from its fur and runs off...

Rethinking shoes - right from the beginning we’ve literally gone down new paths in shoe production, aiming to get the best out of functionality and flexibility. At the same time we’re becoming as sustainable as possible. We use innovative materials (such as wool, washi and hemp) and are constantly trying out new processing methods. We basically follow the principle that if you always do the same thing and yet expect to get different results, you might not be completely sane.

The Weasel is a very special Wildling in this collection: We’ve optimized the water-resistant properties of this shoe in a way that allows us to retain the typical Wildling flexibility.

Manuel and Chris, our Wildling team in Portugal, spent lots of time pondering, trying out ideas, producing prototypes, using various materials and starting test runs - until the sum of all their insights resulted in the perfect shoe for dewy spring days: the Weasel.

Here are the features that make this shoe the perfect companion on spring adventures:

The membrane and lining

The membrane material is the same as in the autumn and winter collections, but thanks to improved construction and incisions, it’s more water-resistant.

Each seam leaves tiny holes in the fabric where damp can get in. So with the Weasel we put the lining together differently. We inserted the membrane and the lining into the shoe together, like a sock, and then sewed it to the microfibre all the way round, along the inner edge. That way the seam connecting the membrane is better protected.

For the same reason we did without the heel padding in the Weasel. It would need to be sewn, therefore offering less protection from intruding damp.

In the spring/summer collection, we always focus on airflow and flexibility in the shoes. Yet a membrane, however breathable, is still an additional layer between air and skin.

At hot times of the year we therefore recommend one of our water-permeable Tanuki models for any wild adventures at the beach or in summer rain!

Water flap and insole

Other places where water can usually get into the shoe unhindered are the tongue and the lace eyelets above it. In the Weasel, the tongue is sewn to the shaft all along the sides, thereby forming a water flap as a barrier against intruding moisture.

The Weasel’s insole is made of walnut EVA (80% ethylene vinyl acetate and 20% walnut shells) and a cotton layer. At 2 mm it’s paper-thin. It also fixes the membrane and the lining to the outsole, thus removing the need for additional seams. You should always leave it in the shoe when it’s being worn, but you can take it out for drying and airing.

A Weasel for wild adventures!

The Weasel is a sporty Wildling and an adventurous companion in the spring.

It’s still not a rubber boot, but for a fabric shoe it comes pretty darn close!

Before the first wearing, the Weasel, too, will be glad of a vigorous dose of our environmentally friendly impregnation spray. Regular treatment with the spray will help the shoes keep their water-resistant properties for longer.

In the shop you’ll find current delivery times for the Weasel, and in our newsletter we’ll keep you up to date with all the other Wildling news!

Run wild! Anna, Ran & Team Wildling


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