Wild and gentle - Wildlings for healthier feet

Cats use their paws for stealthy manoeuvres while using their claws to make trees their playground. Goats can use their hooves to climb near-vertical rock faces. With their front paws, raccoons - like humans - can feel subtleties that remain unnoticed by others. Every wildling has the paws she needs.

So why should that be any different with us humans?

Nevertheless, we squeeze our feet into tight and stiff shoes because we have become convinced that this will do our feet good.

Wild feet, though, prefer to be free and loose, so in the end we achieve the opposite of what we wished for - one typical outcome is the notorious hallux valgus (bunion) which can be worsened by shoes that are elevated and too narrow.

Hallux Valgus vs Wildling

Of course we could interview many experts here, such as orthopaedists or physiotherapists, and they’d have a lot to say on the subject. But it’s pretty safe to say that our feet, when treated properly, are perfect and can accompany us on every adventure, as shown by large amounts of amazing feedback from devoted Wildling wearers.

In a poll we did in on our Wildling Facebook group, over 140 people said they have less back pain when wearing their Wildlings. For 80 participants, knee pain has decreased, and also many with hallux valgus said their symptoms had diminished.

Here are a few of the very moving messages we've received:

"That's why I bought Wildlings - because I've recently had pain in one foot in ordinary shoes. When wearing Wildlings, I’m completely painless. I have very severe HV. So I can only recommend it to you." (Sabine)

"I’m absolutely thrilled ... last year I went barefoot or wore Leguanos. I got my first Wildlings in October and it [the HV] is almost gone and I’ve no pain there anymore." (Nadine)

"I also have a strong HV and had been wearing orthopaedic insoles for many years. Nevertheless, I always had pain. Since I got my first pair of Wildlings I’m free of pain without insoles and happy without HV bandages" (Birgit)

"Well there’s no doubt about it. My feet with moderate Hallux are also doing really well in Wildlings." (Eliza)

"Hallux and Wildlings make a good team! I wear my summer Wildlings barefoot but with a thin insole made of terry cloth in there for hygiene reasons. Winter Wildlings only with socks." (Barbara)

"Hallux and Wildlings = pain away! Even the toe area of my feet has widened again. And my feet have become so strong again that my flat feet are no longer flat ... overall, I had to throw away 12 pairs of old shoes which no longer fit me due to these changes. But I’m not at all sad about it as I have no more pain now." (Diana)

"I switched to barefoot shoes in September 2017, and what can I say? I love it - my hallux on both feet causes hardly any trouble and is visually not that pronounced anymore. My back pain has decreased significantly to being barely present. When walking long distances, etc., my feet no longer hurt, I can just walk. And they’re always warm! This was the best decision of my life!" (Juliane)

Have Wildlings improved your walking comfort? Resolved your back pain, knee pain, or any other discomfort? We would love to hear about it!

There’s nothing more gratifying than knowing that all the hard work we put in is being translated into less pain, more joy, more fun exercise, and a return to the ability to run wild.

It all starts with our feet :)

Anna, Ran and the Wildlings


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