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Weatherproofed Wildlings

Shoes for robbers’ daughters and sons of kings with a big emphasis on Wild! This is what Wildling is about.

Accordingly, the design has to withstand a lot, both from mother nature and the Wildling that wears them.
When winter comes, the extra challenge is to keep the feet dry and warm, without interfering with the Wild act.
So after many trial and error, we were able to add a membrane, starting from this autumn/winter collection 2017/2018.


Stay in motion all the time if possible. That makes the muscles work, increasing blood circulation so the foot stays warm. For a bit more cosiness you might want to try adding wooly socks or an additional inner sole.

Instead of waterproofing our shoes with fluorocarbons, we use an eco-friendly wax. Consequently our natural materials were not able to be completely waterproofed – until now. So all our shoes (except Tanuki and Wolf) should be waterproofed before the first wearing and every now and then. In our shop you can find a PFC- and fluoride-free waterproof spray.

Especially when there’s lots of rain and snow, water can get in around the tongue of the shoe. If you want to be absolutely sure, that no water gets inside, you may like to look at our waterproof socks.

Little Woolf. (Picture by Urnaturaen)


So the last collection wasn’t up to handling really wet days, and we all wanted a solution. After some trial and error we found a way: a membrane that still allows the shoe to remain flexible and supple.

We use a pure polyester membrane (not polyurethane). That’s the most eco-friendly membrane we could find. It is made partially from recycling material and is itself fully recyclable. The membrane works very well in combination with our lining materials, driving moisture away from the foot and keeping the foot climate pleasant. Breathability is not affected.

In any case the new shoes should be impregnated or waxed before wearing as well. The exception is our Wolf, which is made of boiled wool. Wool insulates against the cold like no other natural material. Due to its fat content it is dirt-repellent and water-resistant. A true all-rounder for the frosty season! Waterproofing it with spray would ruin its natural characteristics. Please treat only the microfiber thoroughly.

If, after jumping through puddles, the shoes got wet, they could be stuffed with paper or you can put a sock filled with rice into them. Please don’t put them on the heater.
Dirty shoes can be brushed clean when dry.

We wish you lots of fun with the weatherproofed Wildlings, no matter how sunny or snowy it is!

Best wishes and run wild, Anna, Ran and the Wildlings


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