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What’s the fox doing in Norway?

Coming into contact with people, animals and natural phenomena - that's what makes life exciting. Such encounters are always valuable - also for Wildling Shoes. They allow you to grow, they offer new experiences and they challenge you to take responsibility. These meetings give you the opportunity to discover new things, to come to love them and to give them a space in your life.

Again and again, the fox meets new friends on his journey through woods and valleys, or over rocky plateaux. Some of these encounters with people, organisations and companies lead to deeper companionship. They’ve accompanied the fox for a long time. Some of them cross his path sporadically, every now and then. They greet each other, nod to each other, sometimes reserved, sometimes impetuously, full of joy to see each other again.

Some companions turn up just for a moment, others share exciting adventures with Wildling Shoes until the time comes to go their separate ways.

These encounters are valuable. They make life richer, offering many new experiences and personal growth. In the future we want to do even more to share them with you. And we’ll start today - right here and now.

An encounter with “Sechs Paar Schuhe” [Six Pairs of Shoes].

The beginning of the year saw one of these many encounters for Wildling Shoes. The fox met Six Pairs of Shoes. In this particular case it wasn’t barefoot shoes that he came across, but a wild family, full of the joys of life. In 2015 Maria and Thor, mother and father of four children, set off with their family to live life and discover the world. And on the way they came across the fox. Or did the fox come across them? We could try to trace it back, but what's more important is that we decided to go part of the way together. Since then, the fox regularly dips into the everyday life of these six pairs of shoes.

But what happened before that?

For the six pairs of shoes, the beginning looked something like this: Sell the house. Be completely free. Travel the world. Experience adventure. Seek to understand this planet with all its hidden secrets. Make room for the wonders of the world, great and small. Encounter life.

Take it how it is. Sometimes colourful and turbulent, sometimes grey and still. Everything is part of it, making life what it is. That's the key when you look at the six pairs of shoes’ pictures and videos.

This bold family draws the fox and the viewer right into the middle of things, into life. Into the joy of the moment, the excitement of the next adventure, and also into the unpredictable moments that life offers when we trust, listen, and dare to try something new.

Barefoot into the future

A short while ago, Maria and Thor were able to create their second film - “nordwärts” [northwards] - with the help of a crowdfunding campaign. And on their blog they share their thoughts as parents, and the moments that life offers them. While Thor is currently writing a book and Maria is editing the family’s second adventure film, the kids experience life in their sometimes clear, sometimes raw and sometimes sun-drenched surroundings.

Meanwhile, from the thick undergrowth at the edge of the forest, the fox peeps out at their little Norwegian house. He sees them walking, sometimes in barefoot shoes, sometimes with none. Children's shrieks of joy, wild romps, a crackling bonfire are all part of it. And when it gets quieter in the evening, when the windows are lit up at night time, the fox draws nearer, sniffs at the shoes lying by the front door, exhausted from the day’s activities, and himself sets off for an encounter with life.

Run Wild - Anna, Ran and Team Wildling



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