Growing pains

Dear Wildlings,

There’s lots going on in our foxhole – production of the next order of shoes is in full swing, because you really blew our minds with your enthusiasm for the current collection. It wasn't all that easy to organize the follow-up delivery, as some of you unfortunately found out. It's very important to us to be transparent, and so we’d like to explain why there were delays with some orders.

We want to create the very best shoes for you and we take your feedback very seriously. We’re thrilled to implement your suggestions where possible, sourcing the perfect materials so that you can enjoy that barefoot feeling all year round.

However, the expansion in production is not without growing pains:

We deliberately use sustainable raw materials and, just as deliberately, decided on Portugal for our production location. Both of these things have – quite literally – their price, and we have to calculate very carefully in order to remain viable. In other words we have to estimate what we think we can sell in the coming season. However, when the current collection was launched we sold as many pairs of shoes in the first week as in the whole of the previous season. We truly hadn't expected this kind of response.

And although we were thrilled about the demand, it meant that unfortunately we couldn’t meet all our customers’ requirements.

In the coming weeks we want to take you, here and on social media, behind the scenes so that you can find out more about us, our work processes and our team. To start with we’ll show you here which tunnels in our foxhole have been affected by our growth:

Material supplier

In shoe production, organic materials are very rare and are often produced specially for us. So it’s difficult to reorder material at short notice but our suppliers, together with our manufacturer, made it possible for the follow-up delivery. That's not necessarily the norm and we’re really glad that we can now make a few more large and small feet happy.

Webshop and IT:

At the beginning our server and webshop collapsed under the weight of all the virtual visitors. And in the backend our systems were struggling. We’re working on it and are continuing to optimize our processes and systems.

Warehouse and customer service:

In the warehouse and in customer service, the foxes are working overtime. Every day we receive hundreds of mails, including at weekends and on public holidays. We want to give you exactly the information you need and we take the time to answer every mail personally. Unfortunately that takes longer than automated answers.

Training of new foxes:

In parallel with the increasing demand we’ve expanded our team. Wildling isn't a kindergarten, but the training of new team members also requires time and the full attention of the old hands, er I mean paws ;-) Our staff love and live the Wildling feeling, but it takes a little time until answering customer requests and mails becomes part of the routine. With several hundred messages reaching us daily, this really is a challenging task. So at the moment it may take longer than usual for us to respond to your message.

We’re thrilled that the Wildling community is growing and flourishing, and we're very grateful to you for your trust and your patience. Run wild!


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