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#tracemywild - making summer count!

What comes to mind when you think of a wild summer? Diving into freezing water? An adventurous hike through tall trees and inviting mountain peaks? Breaking into a dance, showering in the rays of the sun? Finding new trails through flowery meadows? Or simply finding a quiet spot in the shade, to read that book one more time?

We all have those special summer moments, each one with its own magic, so what could be more fun than discovering more magic moments full of inspiration?

The Wildling summer campaign #tracemywild for sharing summer adventures has been in full swing since mid-July. Team Wildling has called for all fellow Wildlings around the world to help create a pool of summer moments that can sometimes really take our breath away. #tracemywild turns daydreams into reality and shows us that wild moments are not dependent on time or space, but only on the appreciation and celebration of our loved ones.  

#tracemywild - Manifest wild!

Each and every wild moment is one of a kind, and its full meaning can be expressed only by you. But by creating a collage of our wild moments from around the world we can help to manifest the joy we all share, the joy of being wild!

Images are great, and if there are screams of celebration involved then feel free to share video clips with us too. Please attach a short text describing the adventure and what was special about it.

#tracemywild naturally means the wilder the better - screams, jumps, dives, runs, mud, water, but also those quiet moments that we cherish in our hearts.

These will all be put together in a video that will be a proud manifestation of everything that is wild!

Also, two winners selected from all submissions will receive a pair of Wildlings of their choice.

Please read conditions of participation here.

Some wild inspiration

Here on the blog we’ve collected some ideas for summer. There are some great ideas here, and perhaps you’ll find inspiration for your own #tracemywild moment.

A tepee in the woods

Get cosy in a homemade teepee in the middle of the forest, collecting branches and foliage to make the perfect hideout. It's a great feeling to spend the long summer days out there in the wild.

Wild herbs and berries

Don’t miss out on all the wonderful foodstuffs out there. There is an abundance of berries and leaves that grow only in summer and are a real treat.

It’s a great opportunity dust off your old plant guide and find out what’s edible and what’s not.

Be active outside

Summer spells outdoor adventures: rock climbing, rowing, running, canoeing, stand-up paddling, windsurfing, scuba diving, slacklining, outdoor yoga, hiking, you name it.

But also just spending time outside. Simply being outdoors and enjoying the fresh air and light.

Make summer count!

Run Wild - Anna, Ran & Team Wildling

 Titel photo by thehobbsfarm


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