Rewild your inner child this summer - please do!

When children are in nature all their instincts kick in and they almost automatically go into exploration mode - they move freely without a care, letting themselves get carried away by the many wonders and adventures nature has to offer.

But what happens as we get older? When does a puddle become an obstacle rather than an opportunity?

With all the responsibility and daily routine that we are all involved in, it’s sometimes easy (too easy) to forget that this wild side is within all of us, and that age has nothing to do with it. We only need to create or find these opportunities again, and when better to do so than in the summer?

The Wildling team has gathered some ideas for a wild summer. It doesn’t necessarily mean taking a trip abroad, or doing anything out of the ordinary. It’s more about the small things that go unnoticed during the stresses of everyday life. With a bit of help we can bring back that playful feeling.

An outdoor night

How does a night under the stars sound? Find a cosy space, grab a mattress and some blankets, maybe a candle or two, and enjoy the summer temperatures. Get cosily snuggled up and keep an eye open for a lucky shooting star.

Cool off - naturally

When temperatures are rising, it’s always nice to cool off in the local pool and enjoy the sun.

But if you feel like cooling yourself in a quieter way, take a short hike and try to discover where the local stream hides and where it leads. The places this path might take you are full of magic (and coolness). Take your shoes off, go for a short dip if possible, or just build an improvised raft to see how far it can drift downstream.

Get creative with nature

During our discovery walk through the great outdoors, we’re also sure to find lots of materials we can get creative with. During a walk in the woods, how about looking out specifically for flowers, plants or sticks that we can use to create something all of our own?

Fallen pine cones or stinging nettles, for example, work very well as a natural fabric dye. Attractive blossoms and flowers can be pressed and made into a new picture to hang on the wall. And sticks and stones painted in pretty colours make great summer decorations. Even simply making a flower wreath in the middle of the woods can be a new and enjoyable experience.

Protect the wild

Volunteering has consistently shown huge benefits for mental and overall health. So how about taking some volunteer action to help the wildlife in your area? A wonderful example is helping farmers before harvest time as they search for fawns hiding in the high grass. It’s a wonderful adventure with a huge added value.

Get lost

Apart of venturing into nature, our routine ways to work, school, kindergarten, or to the local shops can also offer some excitement. But only if we go a different way. Take a hike or stroll through the city and be on the lookout for a hiding tree, a different bird song, some new people, or just enjoy spending time in your own company.

No GPS, just rely on your old ancient orientation skills and see what else can be discovered.

But even if you don’t feel the urge to get wilder this summer, you can always appreciate small indulgences - a sense of freedom, that short coffee break, a walk in the park, an old book. These moments by yourself can hold magic of their own.

You only need to find your inner child :)

How do you plan to find your inner child this summer?

Looking forward to some wild ideas!

Have a wild and wonderful summer!

Anna, Ran and Team Wildling

Title: The Dukes/Babywearingphotograph


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