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Magic and nature conservation – Wildling’s quarry

There’s an almost magical place that has served as the setting for Wildling’s campaign shoots on more than one occasion. Admittedly, the words “We’re shooting the new collection in an old quarry” don’t sound particularly romantic at first blush. That's why we're going on a brief virtual journey to this place today to find out why it’s so intimately connected to Wildling and what makes it so remarkable.

The history of the Wildling quarry begins with Anna’s return to Germany. “We had only just arrived and were actually still in the process of getting settled when I stumbled across an appeal posted on Facebook explaining that thirty ponies from a Dutch nature conservation project were to be slaughtered,” remembers Anna, who contacted the post’s author immediately.

Image: Hans-Jürgen Keck from flashlens Photography

Ponies for landscape conservation

The woman, who in the meantime has become good friends with Anna, had taken on all thirty ponies at the time and only had one month to find a new home for them. That turned out to be quite a challenge because the animals had grown up completely in the wild and refused to be touched. Thankfully, all ponies have found a good, loving home. The new owners even have a WhatsApp group to stay in touch with each other and share information about their protégés.

Anna belongs to the group as well, having taken on the care of a mare and her foal. When these two Exmoor ponies were suddenly joined by a third, she was more than a little astonished. As it turned out, the mare had already become pregnant before her departure.The three ponies had soon plowed through the Yona family’s entire garden, devouring everything in sight with a decidedly hearty appetite.

Image: Hans-Jürgen Keck from flashlens Photography

This meant that a new plan had to be devised and that’s how Anna came across the Oberberg Biostation in the course of her research into species-appropriate methods of horse husbandry. Among the Biostation’s landscape conservation projects is an old quarry (yes, you guessed it – that old quarry) and as it turned out, Anna’s ponies were permitted to settle there in order to fulfill the important task of keeping the vegetation under control.
There will be more on this project and about what direction it will take in the near future in a special upcoming feature article. We’re excited to see what happens.

Fairytale-perfect photographs

Not only has the quarry provided a new home for Anna’s ponies, it is also the venue for a number of Wildling campaign shots, which always make you feel as if your favorite fairy tale character might pop up from behind a tree. Why don’t we leaf through the storybook for the winter collections from 2016 and 2018 ...


An image from the 2016 Autumn/Winter campaign (Image: Sarah Pabst)

The ponies were actually already co-stars in the shoot (Image: Sarah Pabst)


Aiming high: The shoot for the Rewild models from the 2018 Autumn/Winter collection (Image: Sarah Pabst)


A little closer to nature (Image: Sarah Pabst)


The Wildling models from the 2018 Winter collection also explored the quarry (Image: Sarah Pabst)


When fantasy and reality collide ... (Image: Sarah Pabst)

Are you still immersed in wild daydreams set against a fairy-tale backdrop? Maybe we can recreate exactly that on our next walk in our favorite Wildlings ...

Run wild!

Anna, Ran, and the Wildlings

Cover photo: Hans-Jürgen Keck from flashlens Photography


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