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Design Contest "Wild Companion"

Our goal with the design contest was to come up with a great new design for our bag from the crowdfunding campaign. But you were all so creative that we simply didn’t have the heart to record only one of the designs for posterity. Apart from the winning motif that will be printed on the pouch, we will be printing some of them on T-shirts, too. Pretty cool, don’t you agree?

Here you can see the five designs that scored the most votes in the Facebook poll:


Here is the motif – by Sinah Hettenbach – that garnered the most Likes

Her thoughts on this: “With its combination of different living creatures, nature, and the forest, I associate the motif with freedom, naturalness, and harmony. The girl from your video fits very well into the image as a lively detail and representation of the human element. She, together with the fox’s mask, further embody the Wildling Shoes brand. The birds that are flying away underline yet again the concept of freedom and lend the picture even more vitality – after all, it’s the little details that make a positive impact on so many aspects of life – such as walking barefoot. I could go on forever here, but I think that’s a pretty good start.”

The image by Francis Latta comes in at a close second

Eva Mayr put an entire wild world into one shoe

Chiara Harlos

Jana Junker

We’ll keep you up to date about the production of the pouches and T-shirts in our newsletter and on Facebook – Run wild!

Anna, Ran, and the Wildling Team



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