Kreativ für gute Zwecke: Creative Matterz Fund

Creativity for a good cause: Creative Matterz Fund

The Wildling blog is a platform where we like to speak about topics that are close to our hearts. We think of it as an informative, sometimes critical and entertaining way to transport topics which are discussed in the foxes’ den and our communities. Today we would like to lend this platform to an old friend of the fox: Kim Gerlach.

If you've read her guest article on feminism in the fashion industry , you probably remember her. In addition to her work as a consultant, Kim is also a member of the Creative Matterz Fund, which supports creative projects for a good cause. And it is exactly these exciting creative projects that Kim is introducing to us today and also reveals how we can support them with our vote!


And here is how: With the help of its sponsors, which include Wildling Shoes, Creative Matterz Fund has been able to fund ten projects to create awareness for the topics of sustainability and fashion. Furthermore, until August 17th, you’re able to vote for your top three projects which you feel should receive further funding of a total of 1000€!

How it all started…

Cherie, photographer and founder of Sustainable Fashion Matterz, contacted me one day and pitched a new project idea. She believes that sometimes all you need to realize an impactful project is just a little extra cash or even just the right connections to spark attention from a larger audience. With a wide network at hand, I was excited to support creatives. And say no more, I was sold and onboard!

Together with a passionate team of six, we foster creativity for a good cause. Our aim is to inspire new ways of approaching fashion, so we can enjoy it together with everyone involved in its creation without sacrificing the health of our planet.

Since January this year, we hunted for sponsors (such as Wilding Shoes), contacted the most suitable jury and mentors for the projects, and of course started advertising the great opportunity in our network so people could apply.

The diverse chosen top ten

After 100 applications from 22 countries, a renowned jury chose their top ten projects. The results are as diverse as they can be. From clothing rental for a good cause to a Tinder-like swapping app in Austria. There were visual projects to document a refreshing perspective on second hand and a massive clothing event in the middle of Berlin’s scenic Kiez.

Let’s meet the top ten.


The creatives behind cycles produced a short film about circularity, culture, fashion, and our environment. By combining composed music; spoken word poetry; dance choreography and stunning visuals, CYCLES makes a circular culture the center topic of their work. “We know we need to move towards a more holistic and circular understanding of the world in order to save it. But what does circularity really mean? How can we embrace it through fashion, through music, through dance, through culture?” These are the questions this project attempts to answer.

Sydney Emeka Nwakanma, Dhanesh Jayaselan, Maddie Rose | Berlin, Germany
@sydney_spaceship | @emeka_suits | @dhvnesh_ | @maddishakes



During the '48h Neukölln art festival' in Berlin, the creatives of En Plein Air invited residents and visitors to street-shopping with mobile clothes horse: As the creative minds and practitioners behind STREETWARE, they rejuvenated the tradition of rag pickers and philosophized on the literal scrapheap. In addition to the activities, a 90-minute city tour showcased the sculptural intervention of the garments displayed on 48 clothes horses.

Alice Fassina, barbara caveng, Hatim Alyafi, Aïcha Abbadi, Dr. Lina Tegtmeyer, Franceska Welp, Andreas Herbst | Berlin, Germany (



Allen Nabukenya, known as artist Njola, has realized her project “XCESS" in which she is looking at excess waste and garbage problems in Kampala's ghetto communities in Uganda. By using handcrafting skills she has created a giant mural installation, giving negative XCESS a positive connotation.

Njola/Allen Nabukenya | Kampala, Uganda (@njolaimpressions)



Multi-talented Oumou Aidara aims to show two aspects of second-hand fashion: On one hand the overconsumption and excessive purchase of clothing and other textiles in the western world, and on the other hand, the dumping of clothing and how judgemental the society in Africa is towards the purchase of vintage garments. The final documentary-style short film is fact-based and stars the producer Oumou herself.

Oumou Nasri Aidara | Berlin, Germany ( )



Pillar 5 is a multi-layered business model, centering around two main pillars: a curated, ethical marketplace and the visual storytelling of designers and makers. With the support of the fund, the two founders Aida and Lilly have been able to further conceptualize their platform, started creating content for their social media (@pillar_5), and have developed their 3D Logo.

Lilly Meuser & Aïda| Berlin, Germany & London, UK (@pillar_5)



By giving access to rent items for three highly influential wardrobes, the public was able to rent for a good cause - the Kantamanto Fire Relief. With the charity rental campaign, Ivana Perbi aimed to raise awareness of the place most people don’t think about when purchasing a new (fast fashion) item. All rental proceeds went to the Fire Relief Fund. Creative Ivana will continue to develop her idea to rent clothes with her project WARD’ROBE AFFAIRE.

Ivana Perbi | Berlin, Germany (


Caitie and Alice have created a week-long day summer camp and workshops geared towards kids ages 8-12. “We both strongly believe in the power of knowledge and bottom-up change, and want to inspire youth to think about the deeply problematic clothing industry and give them the tools to try to change it in their own communities.” All activities, like dying clothes and tracing the supply have been documented in a final Zine.

Caitie Wagenknecht & Alice Tsibulsky | Berlin, Germany (@adoretextilearts )



The duo of the Stitch, Melanie and Lillian, have created their “Sustainability Beginner's Guide”. The guide is for citizens who do not know how to bring their love for fashion and sustainable attitudes into everyday life. Curious? Download the free guide here. They introduce the fashion industry's social and environmental impacts and offer fun action steps to create more sustainable shopping behaviour. Are you ready to become a consum'activist?

Lilian Weiermann & Melenie Hecker | Berlin, Germany ( 

The 3Cs – Get Weaving! Translation

To help the fashion industry treat Indigenous and craft communities with fairness and equity, the Cultural IP Rights Initiative developed the 3Cs' Rule: Consent. Credit. Compensation ©. The ‘3Cs - Get Weaving!’ Campaign is an informative online campaign focused on the 3Cs' Rule and the relevant terminology associated with it. With the support of our fund, Mónica and Helena have been able to join forces to create a high impact translation of its original The 3Cs - Get Weaving! The campaign was translated into two Mayan languages of Mexico: Tsotsil and Tzeltal.

Mónica Parra Hinojosa + Helena Rojas (+ CIPRI /CPP/MIF) | Mexico
@culturalintellectualproperty | @cppmif | @more.moni.mon | @helarl


Uptraded, founded by Anna and Bruno, have worked on the development of their Tinder-style clothes swapping app for Austria and motivated another 250 users to test the web app. And we’re all together able to reach their ambitious project goal with the following key figures: 2,007 users 3,535 fits 208,400 swipes 400 swaps 4,917 pieces of clothing

Anna Greil & Bruno Huber | Innsbruck, Austria (

Who are your top three?

Now you have the chance to place an easy vote for your favorite three projects. The three most voted projects can win a total of €1000 (500€ for the first, 300€ for the second and 200€ for the third winner).
The voting ends August 17th 23:50 CET, and winners will be announced at Sustainable Fashion Matters on August 20th.


And finally, a big “Thank you” to all our financial supporters, Wildling Shoes, DAWN denim, Heart Directors Club, Sustainable Fashion Matterz, and Delight Rental Services to lend us complete freedom in this project to give all the creative people in this votum the ability to work on what they do best.

Cover image Cherie Birkner