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There’s a busy badger in the Wildling warehouse

He’s not alone of course. With the fox, a wonderfully trained team and many thousands of Wildlings, it’s pretty hectic in the warehouse for most of the year. Especially just before, during and also right after the launch of a new collection. So pretty much always. Three skills that are particularly necessary in the Wildling warehouse are organising, running and packing. And what gives the warehouse pack the superpowers to manage it all? An unbeatable team spirit!

A day in the Wildling warehouse

In the early-morning hours, even before the first parcel leaves the warehouse, a lot of things happen between the shoe shelves.

At 8 in the morning the whole Wildling warehouse team gathers together. The keen noses in the warehouse first sniff out the current figures for the day, in order to plan and organise how to proceed. How many orders arrived on the previous day or over the weekend? How many of them are deliverable? Not to forget the returns, which also arrive and are processed in the warehouse daily.

The wild hunt begins

The main task in the warehouse is the processing of shipping and returns, although receiving deliveries from Portugal also involves many process steps: unloading the lorry, checking the order and settling the wild companions in the warehouse.

The team divides up depending on the amount of work. Sabine prints out the necessary lists and distributes them to the individual team members.

Now the orders are put together from the various shelves of models. Finally, accessories such as laces, soles or waterproofing spray take their place in the parcel.Other team members add return paperwork, seal the packages, stick on the shipping label and complete the order. In the early afternoon the parcels are picked up, starting their journey to national and - more and more frequently - international destinations. During busy periods around 1000 orders leave the Wildling warehouse each day.

From time to time lovely customers from the offline world pop in and are warmly welcomed. Some of them want to take a closer look at the Wildling warehouse; others want to try on the wild barefoot shoes they’ve heard so much about.

Wildling Shoes in figures

Three marathons per day, on regular days half of that (1.5 marathons)

Steps are constantly echoing through the warehouse. Did you know that on busy days each person will take up to 20,000 steps through the rows of shoe shelves? During those times each individual team member treks about 12 km through the Wildling warehouse. Multiplied by 11 team members, that makes three marathons.

Forty-three kilometres of laces

Colourful elastic laces and sparkling cotton ones are very popular with the Wildlings. If we tied together all the laces that have left the Wildling warehouse in the last 12 months, you could run a marathon along the resulting mega-lace.

Laid down, the boxes currently in the warehouse would fill a football pitch

Wildlings go out into the world in various sizes of shoe box. If the boxes in the warehouse were not stored on high shelf units but laid down next to each other on the ground, they’d fill a whole football pitch.

Something new is coming up...

More to come...

What started in a small attic has now become so big that the current warehouse is nearly full to bursting. And although Wildlings do like things cosy and comfortable, it’s not nice to be treading on each other's feet the whole time. So everyone’s been keeping their eyes open for a larger location with enough space for the many wild companions. Together the team has tossed around ideas, watching out for a new badger's sett. With success. The warehouse will be moving, and initial preparations are already well under way. All the important news about that and to do with the new Wildling collection can be found in our regular newsletter.

And on our YouTube channel you can now have a direct look behind the scenes. A few weeks ago we were invited into the workshop. Today, Warehouse Badger Sascha and his Wildling warehouse team open their doors: Here’s the link to the second #FOXUPCLOSE

Run wild! Anna, Ran & Team Wildling


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