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Handmade in Germany: Cosy Leg warmers

Anything that's cosy and warm makes winter more enjoyable. That's why we're as happy as a young fox that we can now offer these wonderful leg warmers from Miriam and her label, Sommer & Kinder. As they're made by hand, stocks are very limited.

Who are you and what do you love about what you do?

I'm Miriam, I studied fashion design, and when my first child was born I set up my own business producing the children's fashion label Sommer & Kinder. This is where I live out my passion for knitting!

What’s your favourite material/product, and why?

I use only natural materials, mainly Merino wool and for summer also organic cotton. For me wool just radiates cosiness - I think it’s perfect for children!

What do values such as sustainability/social responsibility mean to you?

As far as possible I try to pay attention to sustainability in my everyday life and in my work. We have our products produced in Germany; that way I can be sure that the working conditions are fair. Our clothing is timeless and lots of things come in neutral colours. I have wool trousers here that have been worn by my daughter, then my son, and then my younger daughter. The quality is good, the things really last for a long time. But I also try to teach my children to be careful and mindful with all their things, without restricting them too much in their childish behaviour. At least I hope so!

Why do you (partly/mainly) produce by hand? Wouldn't it be faster-higher-better otherwise?

All the hats that I've sold up to now were produced by hand, that is on a hand-knitting machine, mainly because it’s loads of fun. I love this work in my little studio, and doing it like that means I can meet all colour requests. However at some point, when quantities increase even more, I’ll also get the hats done at the knitting factory. But even then each seam is put together by hand using a linking machine. That’s something machines can't do automatically. Actually all our clothing is made by hand, apart from the fabric. There’s always someone sitting at the sewing machine, it’s the working conditions that are important.

What's the wildest thing you’ve ever done? (When was the last time you felt wild and free?)

At the moment I'm fulfilling a childhood dream by learning to ride a horse! When galloping I feel pretty wild and free!

Which child-like characteristics have you kept until now? (What has accompanied you since your childhood...?)

Actually there are a lot of things (good and perhaps also less good!) One thing that I love now, at Christmas time, and that I’ve loved since I was very small, is eating raw cookie dough. I did that with my mother and now I do it with my children!

What’s your wish for a sustainable future?

My wish would be for all of us to consume less. I myself find it relatively easy; of course my children want to have everything they see and what other kids have. Here in the centre of Berlin there's a huge amount on offer. I think if we paid appropriate amounts for labour in all the countries of the world, then we’d think more carefully about what we really want to buy. That would be beneficial for all of us and for our environment.

What has been your experience with/in Wildlings? How was your first time wearing Wildlings?

Together with my children I had a pair of first-generation Wildlings and I love them! Over time they’ve simply become more beautiful!

Thanks for the interview, Miriam and

Run wild - Anna, Ran & Team Wildling


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