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Step into wild

Roaming the woods, he lifts his nose to catch a scent wafting from afar - a mix of rotten apples, wet leaves and damp wood, telling him the year is about to end. “Just another of many”, the fox ruminates in his heart as he observes the falling leaves.

Whhhaam! From nowhere, an acorn hits his nose. He looks deep inside the woods to see a figure charging towards him. Standing his ground, he digs his paws into the mud, ready to meet whatever it turns out to be, “Oh sorry! So sorry, Mister Fox! That was intended for the Chamois. She and I were playing this game! So sorry!”

“It’s okay,” replies the fox, “It didn’t really hurt that mu...” before finishing his sentence, the wild Lupa springs out of a bush next to him, and just as he is about to take a good look at her, a dark red robin flies just past his whiskers, leaving him in a state of jolly disarray. A second later, all three of them disappear into thin air. “

“Oh, I remember back in the day when my tail was full of thick fur, and the only thing on my mind was whom to prank next.” Another waft of scent reminds him that soon everything will be covered in frost, so he’d better get a move on and make some order in his den.

LupaChamois and Robin, couldn’t care less about the drop in temperature. Bigger things than collecting winter supplies or the right position in which to hibernate are at work here. They head towards the forbidden gorge, where the rocks are jagged and the rays of sun linger on. There is nothing that can keep them from getting there (except hunger).

The sound coming from the rush of the waterfalls can be heard from afar and as the three rascals get closer to the forbidden gorge, they feel their blood rushing too. But wait a moment! What’s that sound? Like a sigh? Is someone crying for help? Where does it come from?

They couldn’t have known, but their airborne friends, Falcon and Kite, have been following them all the time from up on high, watching their every move. At the first sign of distress, they immediately come to their aid - there!! Far at the deepest point, where the pass becomes the narrowest and rocks are as smooth as a frog’s skin. No one should be there! Even the Chamois with her deft set of hooves won’t take any chances down there!

They all look at one another and, without saying a word, start approaching the abyss, pushing tall grass aside and fighting with the stubborn vegetation.

“Down there! I can see her”! Falcon cried! “Hold on; we’re coming to get you”! Kite shouts.

Clinging to a small branch, Aurora is holding on as hard as she can, soaked to the skin, fighting the roaring river and the debris that has been brought down by the rushing torrent.

“Hold on, Aurora!” Lupa starts to take charge of the situation.

Robin, go get as many Orioles as you can find and please ask my mom to bring a blanket! Quick! Go!!”

As a child, she had heard many stories about how forest animals can work miracles, so she has to work one of her own here because that’s the only way Aurora is going to get out of this mess.

Where are they? Why are they not back yet?

Chamois is also trying to work her own miracle and gets closer to the edge to see if there’s something she can do. Too close!

Before she notices, her two front hooves slip and the current sweeps her off and over the cliff. Using some of her famous agility, she manages to twirl herself in the air and lands right next to the relieved Aurora. “Woooo, what a rush!!” said Chamois.

Smiling to her friend, she asks “How did you get down here?” “I followed the rainbow”, came the answer.

“They always say there are magical things on the edge of the rainbow, so I had to see for myself whether it is true or not”.

“Maybe I’ll have more luck with a different rainbow”. “Maybe” replies Chamois... they both smile and cuddle together.

And then they arrive, a flurry of feathers! The Orioles gently drop a warm blanket at their feet and invite them to hop on. Without any hesitation, they clamber inside. Falcon and Kite join the acrobatic air show, swooping and grabbing the blanket with their beaks with the flock of Orioles. They pull up, soaring higher and higher with their friends tucked safely inside the blanket.

What an effort! What a feat!

Frozen and shy, Aurora looks around - “Thank you!” From out of the crowd, steps an elegant peacock. He comes closer and puts her under his majestic tail, soothing her trembling heart “All is well little one”.

Watching the commotion with admiration from afar, the old fox thinks to himself that maybe he’s better off in his warm den for the winter - “too much excitement for these old bones”.

Aurora and her wildling friends manage to calm down and take a deep breath. "And now?" asks little Lupa, “What are we going to do next”?

Winter is coming :)

Run Wild!

Run wild - Anna, Ran und Team Wildling

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