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A day with the #Wildfoxpedition

Since March, Yannic and Luca have been travelling around Europe in the foxmobile. They’ve seen a lot, had a lot of experiences. People, adventures, countries.

Yannic has picked out a day from his travel journal, a day that’s perhaps not typical for the Wildfoxpedition, but certainly gives you a taste of it:

Depending on the person, a morning can be very different. Some might jump out of bed at 6:30 a.m. to start the day with a morning workout, to go to uni or to work. Others might sleep until they’re gently tickled awake by the morning - or midday! - sun as it tempts them into a day full of possibilities. In the last few months, Luca and I have often had the pleasure of meeting this morning/midday sun. A gentle shake to mark the start of a new day far from home - and also far from the previous night’s accommodation.

Over the last 130 days so much has happened. We’ve had so many experiences - nice, unique, unusual, bad, interesting and distinctive. It's hard to pick a single day out of 130 to report on, but there were certainly some that were more notable than others. And it's one of those days that I'm going to tell you about.

An April morning on the Spanish coast. The strong west wind blows over waves and foam, but that's not the main reason why we’re already up early on this special morning. The unusually early activity in the foxcraft is also due to excitement. Almost before the first few notes of “Here Comes the Sun” have squawked out of the phone speaker, the upper mattress is folded into the roof, and while I take care of the obligatory morning coffee, Luca climbs nimbly through our four-wheeled bedroom/living room/office, getting our good old foxcraft ready for the day’s activities. He picks up clothes that are lying around, folds up the lower bed so it becomes a bench again, cleans the kitchen and makes space for the very special passenger who we're going to pick up today.

Meanwhile I sit outside by the sea, lean over the gas cooker to protect it from the wind and make two cappuccinos. In other words, we're fully engrossed in our morning routine.

As soon as our vehicle is ready to go and the coffee cups are empty, we set off. As mentioned already, we’re currently in Spain. To be more precise, about an hour east of Barcelona. As our destination and our special guest are waiting for us a bit west of Barcelona, we have one and three quarter hours of driving before we reach the little suburb of the Catalonian capital. Once we arrive in Cubelles, we pick up Ana, a young woman who we met a little while ago. There are many great things about Ana, but two very special ones are that she owns a horse, and that she’s prepared to spend a day with us in order to take photos and videos.

And so we spend the next few hours trotting up and down the dunes and hills of the Spanish coast - Ana on horseback, Luca with the camera and me behind with the drone.

We have sand between our toes and wind in our hair, and the whole scene is one of pure freedom. Ana, barefoot and riding Dorado bareback, her brown curls wild and untamed; in the distance foam-topped wave peaks, and the sand whipped into the air by the horse’s hooves.

As I try to capture the scene as well as possible with the drone, Luca has - of course - already taken stunning pictures with the camera.

Ana offers him a chance to try his luck with Dorado, and so he gets an opportunity to demonstrate his knowledge and experience of horses.

Which he does with poise - apart from a few wobbly moments that I find rather amusing.

After these very exciting and certainly successful hours with Ana and Dorado, we return to Cubelles to drop Ana off and continue our journey.

But where to? We’ve still got a good quarter of the day left, and definitely enough energy to discover something new.

And anyway it’s nearly time for dinner. We can't stay around Barcelona.

Apart from the fact that searching for places to sleep around bigger cities is always complicated, we want to head for green spaces! We want to be in natural surroundings! And ideally with a view. So we do what we often do during the Wildfoxpedition. We grab our phones and use the map app to find interesting and striking locations. That’s how we then find what seems to be a mesa in the middle of a remote area. A completely flat plateau that stretches far over the surrounding area. The decision is quickly made, and at fox speed we zip off inland towards our mesa.

One dizzily winding mountain road and three awfully narrow-looking bridges later, we reach the mesa and can hardly believe our eyes. We’re met by a breath-taking view. Around us stretches a large area, smooth and flat like an oversized table. Less than 15m away, it ends abruptly, giving way to a lake that’s a good 150m lower and bathed in the orange light of the setting sun. A few clouds darken the mood, making it almost melancholic, and the silence that surrounds us is broken only by the far-off whispering of the wind as it strokes the steep cliffs below us. A few raindrops paint a rainbow in the sky, and the air is filled with the scent of earth and wet grass. We’re overcome by a strange calm, and in silence we set up our camp for the night and prepare a meal.

On this evening we’re filled with a feeling of satisfaction, gratitude and profound happiness.

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