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A summer brimming with possibilities

There is still some summer left to enjoy, the gold-shiny days of late summer are waiting for us to fill them with adventures. It doesn’t matter where we happen to be – there’s always something to discover. Today we have the pleasure of accompanying some of our Wildling friends during their perfect summer day.



Whether you're cycling through the countryside or have your nose in a book as you keep up with the antics of your favorite heroes, adventure could be lurking right around the corner. (Images: ©Schritte ins Grüne)



Time spent outdoors, maybe even in your own backyard, is fantastic – especially if you know that the occasional treat or a colorful bouquet of flowers is waiting for you. (Images left to right: ©Sara Casarin, ©Krautkopf)



And if the water ends up coming from the clouds instead of from the watering can, that's no big deal – after all, your feet and their wild companions will dry off again in no time after a little cool-down. And let’s be honest, how often do we get such a great chance to hone our puddle-jumping skills? (Image: ©Nora Tabel)



Even an urban environment offers plenty of adventure and new places to discover. And best of all, the nearest ice cream parlor is always close at hand. (Images left to right: ©Florian Alexander Krumm, @ninialagrande)


Foto: ©Nora Tabel



Maybe there’s a lake or even the sea nearby just waiting to be enjoyed as the breeze tickles our noses. (Images left to right: ©Maria - @die.wildnis.in.uns ,©Jess Buttermore - @jessie.b.photo)


The summer holds so many great opportunities and experiences for us. How will yours look? Until the 21st of Septdember 2020, we are collecting impressions of the ultimate summerfeeling under #tracemywild. As part of this project, we are giving away some Wildling power for a project very near and dear to our hearts. Click here to learn more on how to participate .


Run wild!

Anna, Ran and the Wildlings


Header: @_wildundwunderbar_


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