A year in Wildlings

Wildling is coming to the end of an exciting, varied and intense year. We’ve improved existing things and tried out new ones, have kept asking ourselves who we can inspire and what we can achieve with Wildling, we’ve grown and matured. In short: It was a wild year! 

Here are a couple of highlights: 

  • We launched the Cubs for the very smallest Wildlings.
  • We extended the help area on the website and created the option of real-time chatting.
  • We sold our shoes not only in our online shop, but also in real life, with a chance to hold them, feel them and try them on. We’ve received so much important feedback and input that in 2019 we’re going to implement several ideas at once... but you need to be patient :-)

Instead of creating a review of the year in the classic sense and boring you with facts and figures, we’ve taken pictures of real Wildlings and will let the photos tell you about their experiences in 2018. 

What stories can your Wildlings tell? Tag us with #wildwrinkles on InstaFacebook or Twitter and tell us about what you and your Wildlings have experienced! 


Run wild, also in the new year!

Anna, Ran & Team Wildling


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