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Three wild ideas to welcome spring with your kids

How great it feels when the first rays of sunlight touch our faces, when we’re woken by twittering birds in the morning instead of by raindrops on our windows. April is traditionally a wild month, and we’re positive that these ideas will make your spring even wilder!


Foto by KleineIda

Build a barefoot path

Although your kids are lucky to be equipped with our barefoot shoes, nothing feels like walking with real bare feet. After a long winter in shoes, a barefoot path can get those feet buzzing…

So many nerve endings in our feet, and it’s surprising to notice how much detail we can feel differences on the ground. You can intensify the experience by putting a blindfold on.

The key: you don’t need much for a barefoot path. It doesn’t have to have a fixed shape or use a particular material. You can build it in a line, as a spiral or as a labyrinth, using whatever ground and material you have.

A garden or courtyard is the perfect place for a barefoot path, but a forest glade can also work really well.

You can find a lot of material outside: thick and thin twigs, big and small stones, cones, earth, leaves, moss… You can use twigs and stones to separate the areas with different materials, or just leave them open.

If you want, you can buy potting compost; maybe find material around the house as well: old blankets, waste paper - whatever your imagination comes up with.

Matschküche selber bauen

Foto von Heldenmama86

Build an outdoor kitchen

Some childhood memories are almost universal: Playing with and in the mud for example - water running through hands on to earth or sand, building castles out of mud, creating new structures out of earth and water.

You only need a few things: large bowls, soil, sand and water and there you go! The technically skilled can build a professional-looking kitchen out of wooden pallets, tea crates etc. Add a small shovel, a watering can and a wooden spoon and the children’s paradise is ready!

Matschküche aus Europaletten

Foto von Heldenmama86

Observing animals and plants

So easy but fascinating at the same time: looking and listening while sitting or standing still. Look - who’s there, what’s rustling in the wood? Who’s singing in the treetop? The wild geese are coming back from their wintering grounds, storks are nesting on the chimneys and crocuses are blooming everywhere. Can you identify the birds by their song? Or distinguish between the different kinds of spring flowers? Maybe you can set up a little challenge - so the ordinary walk through the wood becomes an adventure and even couch potatoes get some fresh air. Find a beechnut, a round stone, a seed. Can you see a bird? A butterfly? Animal prints? Can you identify them? Binoculars make it more fun. In the library you’ll find a lot of books about plants and animals that can help with identifying the different species. And now tell us: Which kind of animals and plants did you spot?

Show us your pics of your wild ideas to welcome spring on Insta and Facebook using the hashtag #wildlingspring!

Run Wild!

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