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The wild Story of Wildling

Just over two years ago, this amazing journey kicked off with a crowdfunding campaign that surpassed our wildest expectations. It started with 2000 pairs of shoes - and the rest is history.

We'd love to share bits and pieces of that history, with a few interesting images and figures:

Neues Modell in the making

New model in the making

Und nichts zeigt diese Reise besser als ein paar Zahlen und Bilder über Wildling Shoes von 2015 bis jetzt:

♥ Up to 15 material suppliers are involved in the making of each shoe.

♥ Nearly all our materials come from Europe: Germany, Italy, Portugal and Spain. The only exception is the Washi cloth for the Tanuki model, which comes from Japan.

Altes Wildling Motiv

A motif of the logo development

♥ Up to now, approximately 300,000 eyelets have been manufactured and over 60 km of laces have been laced.

♥ At peak times 2500 pairs of shoes were ordered in one day.

♥ The record for the longest journey is held by a pair of lynx sandals that travelled 18,666 km to their new owner in Palmerston, New Zealand.


Familybusiness also means...

♥ The Wildling team is now 1500% bigger than it was at the beginning.

♥ Our years of birth range from 1953 to 1995 and we have 44 children between us - a real family firm.

...den Arbeitsplatz mit der Familie zu teilen!

♥ The fox has half a zoo as friends:

In his den you can meet: Marmots, Bats, Lynx, Owls, Ravens, Lambs, Wolves, Bugs, Dragonflies, Fawns, Squirrels, Dragons, Wildcats, Badgers, Chipmunks, Tanuki (raccoon dogs) and Bears. They're joined by Isengrim, Red Riding Hood and Ermelyn.

Incidentally, this can lead to some peculiar situations... you can be on the phone on the train, asking, “Are the 500 Marmots already on the truck and ready to ship?”, or “Do you want the Wolves next to the Lambs?” or “ Have the 1000 Bats already been sent?" ... This can result in concerned looks from fellow passengers.

Or when Sascha, the warehouse manager needs to pick a few things from the grocery store and has to give Anna an urgent answer on the phone that goes like this: "We have badgers in all sizes - he can come and see them!”

At which point the cashier will look at him with one hand on the phone, ready to call animal welfare.

♥ Fox followers gather around from over 45 different countries - including New Zealand, Japan, Finland, Mexico, Hungary, Morocco, Costa Rica, USA - to name just a few

A new collection needs roughly a year from design to delivery - so feel free and let us know your wishes for 2019!

We feel privileged to have come this far.

It’s extremely gratifying to see how we can make such a difference. Frankly, it’s also quite addictive, so we will keep pushing forward and continue to redefine what a shoe should be.

Running wild and wilder,

Anna, Ran and Team Wildling


Cats are real wildlings as well. Roar!


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