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#wildfeetures: The Yona kids on the jury

They've been part of Wildling from the beginning–no, they are Wildling! It was with them that the story of our minimal shoes began. After returning from Israel in the cold German autumn, Anna and Ran’s kids were supposed to wear shoes for the first time. But they refused to wear the stiff and uncomfortable footwear that was on the market. That’s how the idea developed for barefoot shoes made of natural materials. The first shoe lasts were developed based on the feet of the Yonas’ elder daughter.

So the kids have certainly earned a place on the #wildfeetures jury. We tried to interview all three, but–true to form for real Wildlings–we couldn't get all of them round a table at the same time. But the two daughters, (11 and 6) answered our questions:

Wildling- eh, Yona-Kids

How would you each describe each other?

Both: She’s funny, cheeky and nice!

What does a product have to have for you to like it?

L., 11: It has to be fun, crazy and give you butterflies in your tummy, like when you're surfing or on a roller coaster.

R., 6: Something has to be different, funny, and it has to look good.

What does Wildling make you think of?

L.: That with the shoes you can be wild and free. They keep your feet free so you can move how you like!

R.: If I don’t look at my feet when I've got the shoes on, then I always think I have bare feet, and I really like that.

What else do you think makes a Wildling–the shoe–special? When is a Wildling right for Wildling?

L.: Wildling stands for nature and naturalness. So I think rhinestones would be a bit strange on them.

If you were allowed to design a shoe yourselves, how would it look?

L.: I’d make a wave pattern in light and dark blue!

R.: Mine would be turquoise with little horses!

Run wild!


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