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One shoe that does it all (we’re almost there)

After this record summer even real sun worshippers and heat fans are probably looking forward to the cooler part of the year. Perhaps there’ll be a long Indian summer… with the sunlight creating longer shadows, the leaves glowing in all shades from green to yellow to wine red, and the satisfying feeling of smooth horse chestnuts in your hand. After a long walk through forest and fields, you come home for a cup of hot tea and settle down on the sofa with something to read. Autumn definitely has its charms, and nothing fits better than warm Wildlings on your feet.

Of course we’re always aiming to improve, and we’ll spare no effort to do so. That’s why your feedback coming in, via mail and social media, plays such a vital role in this continuous process. Thank you so much for the positive feedback and criticism that help us make Wildling better each year.

Each model is unique and has its own special character. The product team - Kristin and Sabine (read more about them here), together with Manuel and Chris from Portugal, have an ongoing dialogue regarding each material, outsole and colour. A continuous discussion to find the perfect combination for each model.

It’s a challenge that has to be mastered anew every time: one shoe that does it all - that was and always will be our ultimate goal!

A shoe that will interfere as little as possible with foot function and development, that won’t impair any force generated by our feet, that will give the best ground feeling possible, that will provide enough protection from hazardous objects, that will be made with responsibility to the environment and human beings, and that will accomplish all that as well as looking fantastic :)

It’s a balancing act that has little room for error, each model presenting us with new challenges. We can proudly say we have never shied away from any, always finding the optimum solution for the desired model.

One of those challenges is how to make a minimal textile shoe waterproof.

At first it seems to be an oxymoron - one requirement contradicts the other. Impossible for these two qualities to coexist in one design. Can’t work. Either waterproof with thick sole, toxic hydrophobized materials and a membrane, or a textile soft shoe that is made to Wildling’s specifications.

That’s also what we’ve always heard from the specialists - the microsuede can be made waterproof by laminating it, but the whole shoe? THIS shoe?! Forget about it!

We didn’t ;) Last year’s models had a membrane that provided a decent solution compared to the year before. In this year’s models we’ve managed to make improvements to the membrane and have been able to increase the overall softness of the shoe. We’re not satisfied yet, so next year’s winter models will be even better!

They won’t ever be rubber boots, but we’re working on that too ;)

Run Wild and Warm,

Anna, Ran and Team Wildling

Foto by Sandra Dienemann


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