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On a journey to a more sustainable everyday life - in Wildlings

Going part of the way together is much more exciting than doing it by yourself. In winter, too, the Fox naturally came across new companions. He got to know Julia and her wild young family. In this blog post you’ll find out how they came to meet up, why Julia blogs about fair fashion and sustainability, and what that has to do with pillow fights and passion.

The first encounter was online

“...just when I was looking for a first pair of shoes for my daughter Amelie, I happened to come across Wildling on Instagram. I wanted to find out more about you and wrote to you on the spot. We’re now so delighted with the minimal shoe concept and with you as a brand that the whole family wears Wildling shoes.

Creative freedom and a passion for sustainable topics

I'm Julia, 25 years old, mother of 15-month-old Amelie, and four years ago I set up my own business while still studying. Now my main occupation is being a green blogger and the owner of an online shop for sustainable products.

I really appreciate the creative freedom of my work. But what I love most is lively discussions with all the people who are passionate about sustainability topics, just like I am. These discussions happen on two levels. Firstly, with my community. I’m happy to take time to respond as individually as possible to questions and suggestions from my readers. In return I gain incredibly helpful input from my community. Secondly, I’m always in dialogue with companies. Again and again I get the chance to look behind the scenes and question critical processes - as I did with Wildling when I visited the warehouse in Engelskirchen in January.

Ten days of wild tandem adventures

In summer 2015, my husband and I rode around Schleswig-Holstein for 10 days on a tandem.

Each night we slept in a tent at a different campsite. From morning till night we were in the great outdoors, progressing only thanks to the power of our own muscles. We cooked outside, played cards, and consciously enjoyed many sunrises over the sea. We picnicked with sheep on a dyke, walked barefoot through warm sand and lost track of time. We’ll never forgot that trip - and it took place just beyond our backyard. We’re already looking forward to the next trip of that kind, this time together with our daughter Amelie.

Pillow fights and fits of laughter before going to sleep

As a family we’re silly, wild, loud - we sing, dance and romp around. Before going to bed it usually gets really wild, often with pillows flying around, and Amelie gets out her hearty laugh. Our little ritual, and after that we sleep well. I can hardly imagine that it’ll ever be any different. We became parents at 24 and 27 - deliberately at a young age. We’re looking forward to taking our daughter on an active trip in natural surroundings.

However small it is, every little step counts towards getting closer to sustainability.

When I moved away from home, I started questioning many things. Since I’ve been the one responsible for doing the shopping, for example, I’ve stopped eating meat. That was in 2013, and it triggered a process that will probably never end.

When you start looking into the topic of sustainability it can initially be overwhelming, and you might even fall into the trap of thinking that your own actions can't change anything. But every single shopping list is effectively a vote - for fair fashion, against exploitative fashion. That’s just one example. But it’s very clear that together we can achieve a great deal.

Wishes for a sustainable future

Simplicity. Mindfulness. Slowing down. Returning our focus to the basics. That would do not only our planet good, but also us humans. Practising social behaviour towards each other would improve so many things in the long term.

Decelerating and taking it slower

With Wildlings on my feet I experience a miniature version of what I wish for a sustainable future. Thanks to the barefoot shoe, I experience nature with mindfulness. Much more often I'm able to slow down properly when going for a walk, without my thoughts chasing ahead after the next to-dos.”

If you’d like to follow Julia and her family on their journey to everyday sustainability and a green family life, we can warmly recommend her blog or Instagram channel.



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