• Water repellent minimal shoes

    Being outdoors in any season

  • Tanuki: Japanese Paper Shoe

    Our community favorite
  • Meet the Essentials

    The Essentials models are available throughout the year

What Wildling minimal shoes do for us

Freedom of movement

Anatomical shape

Natural walking
Strong muscles
  • Making connections

    The Perto model is made to warm our feet through the wintet. It tells of people and ecosystems, of connections and closeness.
  • Zusammenkuscheln

    Nelus möchte als Low Cut Hausschuh noch mehr Wintergemütlichkeit an unsere Füße bringen.

  • Through autumn with dry feet

    Tejo is a Wildling made for bad weather. The densely woven upper material and the incorporated membrane keeps our feet dry for a pretty long time.

    Wet feet?

150 kilometers close

From sheep rearing and shearing to washing, spinning and weaving the wool to manufacturing the finished shoes for the Perto Modell all this happens within the small radius of just 150 kilometers. In Portuguese, "Perto" means "close". So let's feel welcome to come closer and explore all the stories that are created here.